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The Academy Board is the heart of the organization and oversees the label and award procedures. The Board issues recommendations and nominates new members. In addition to our dedicated board members the organization employes hundreds of volunteers around the world. 

Sarah Courtier
Academy Director
Monica Laurant
2nd Academy Director
J. Emanuel Zadig Onnasch
Academy Advisory Board
Seth McDonald
Council and Board Member
Joseph Baker
Academy Board Assistant
Benjamin Brömmer
Academy Representative Europe
Anna Staverson
Academy Representative Asia
Claude Francis Barqua
Music and Entertainment Represesentative
Maria Nunez
Motion Pictures Representatives
Miriam Kohnitz
Members Invitation Services
David Cohn
Membership & Invitations
Saskia Wolff-Bent
Awards & Labels
Gregory Hampsted
Legal Affairs
Charles Davenport Borinski
Legal Affairs


The RTNworld Academy of Arts anc Cultures is commited to transparency. You will find information regarding our financial reporting here.

Global Marketing Investments
100.000 USD 69%
Fundraising Goal 2020 (200.000 USD)
Revenues collected via RTNlist.com (goal 10.000 EUR)
Invitations 2020
Invitations 2019

News from the Academy:

New Academy Board

The RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures has elected a new board at its 20th annual general board meeting in Santa Monica, CA on the

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