Welcome to RTNworld Educational Programs. Find a diverse arrray of programs for tachers, students, institutions and professionals. We provide you with unique opportunities for enrichment and engagement with the creative industries and its artists. We connect companies and individuals around the world, supporting them in change management discovering key elements from the entertainment and art industry exposing significant value to other industries and businesses.

Our members engagement program facilitates practical educational opportunities for different institutions and corporations. Individual lectures can be booked as part of on site trainings. Institutions are invited to apply for complete programs. Participants of RTNworld Academy educational programs are entitled to receive the official certificate issued by the Director upon successful completion of their course, lecture or program. Throughout the year we offer special media literacy lectures for middle and high school students from around the world. This unique media literacy program includes group discussions, screenings of various media contents. We want to help students to become aware of media messages encountered in a daily environment and encourage provocative and thoughtful interaction.


Every year we receive numerous applications. Here are a few tips on how your application receives our attention quickly. Please submit your application no less then 1 month prior to your event with the following information.

  • Your CV or history and scope of the applying institution.
  • A summary and breakdown of how the artists/mentors time would be utilized, including any workshops in which the mentor is asked to participate in.
  • Anticipated impact such a visit would have on the audience involved, and to what extent that audience is knowledgeble about the subject of the requested lecture.
  • Which brand of the RTNworld Academy the mentor should represent.
  • The proposed dates including alternative dates for the visit.

Current Educational Programs:

  • Communications
  • Design Thinking
  • Filmmaking
  • Special Effects VFX
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Project Management
  • Team & Conflict Management
  • Negotiation and Communications Strategy
  • Intercultural Trainings
  • Editing & Script Writing
  • Marketing
  • Management Reporting according to international legal standards
  • Media Literacy Program
  • Human  Eesources Program
  • Business English
  • English as a second language
  • History of Art
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