New Academy Board

The RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures has elected a new board at its 20th annual general board meeting in Santa Monica, CA on the 23rd of October 2019.

The RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures will be managed by two Academy Directors in the future. Sarah Courtier along with J. Emanuel Zadig Onnasch has been chosen to lead the academy for the next upcoming 4 years. J. Emanuel Zadig Onnasch will replace Monica Laurant who has been the Academy Director for the past 10 years managing the Board from Los Angeles. Mr. Zadig Onnasch has committed to supporting Sarah Courtier as a second director until the end of 2020. Sarah Courtier joined the Academy as a legal advisor in 2007 and has since then contributed immensely to the development of the academy.

The academy board has voted in favor of establishing a new global structure accommodating the needs of our members and services. Monica Laurant will remain with the academy board overseeing the reform process within the organization integrating new services and members according to the book of guidelines and regulations.

Furthermore, the academy board has decided to simplify the accreditation process for inviting members. The board has unlocked 107 new invitation slots for 2020, the highest number ever in a year. The proposal of the membership fee program 2020 was rejected by the board members. Instead, membership fees will be set individually by the board directors not exceeding 20 USD per month for new members. License and membership fees will be determined and set by Legal Affairs. The Academy is welcoming David Cohn, who has moved on from previously leading the performing arts board to his new challenge as membership & invitations executive developing new membership fee program.

The academy board has opened its fundraising application program for the public. More information will follow soon. The academy intends to select special cultural and beneficial projects that will receive funds from the profits collected from the RTNlist in 2020.

The new academy directors have informed the board about the progress of the new website RTNlist. The board has rejected the proposal of uploading the entire distribution list from Los Angles onto the current The directors must obtain the approval of the enlisted before preparing any uploads.

The Academy board will start sending out membership offers regarding the new website to all long-standing members from February 2020 and onwards. Members have about 1 week to either reject or accept the offer. The offers contain preferred services and are exclusively drafted for long time members.

The Academy board has accepted a total ban of mobile devices during board meetings and label assessments as proposed by the academy director. This means mobile devices cannot enter the same room in which a session is to be held. The new regulation is effective from January 1st, 2020. Members who violate this regulation can be excluded from participating in further board meetings. This new regulation will be added to the book of guidelines and regulations in accordance with the already existing code of conduct precautions act.

Academy members have approved to equip both academy presidents with limited and exceptional rights for the next upcoming 6 months. These rights include signing off website partnership deals with artists and service providers as well as bypassing the official review submission process. The actual assessment procedure remains unaffected. The board has asked to make a general review on how the exception rights have affected the academy once the time has expired under which those rights have been granted for. In all cases, both academy directors must report directly to the board members whenever those exception rights have been used or claimed. The next general board meeting will be held on the 9th of March 2020 in San Francisco at 1pm.