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Listing the best culture

With dedication we collect the best cultural experiences in the world since 2005. Each year our members travel around the world to find outstanding artists and cultural experiences. From all corners of the artistic spectrum, we find inspirational arts and cultures that enlighten our everyday lives. Based on our list of criteria’s we invite new members to join the academy presenting their outstanding services and talents to an exclusive audience. All services are strictly limited.

We invest in our members providing them with different services such as free ticketing, partnerships, and marketing solutions. As a non-profit oriented organization, we keep reinvesting in the community, creating unique opportunities for outstanding artists.



Certificates & Labels

Throughout the years the RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures has earned an excellent reputation for its exclusive certificates. We help customers and audiences worldwide to identify quality and service excellence. In recent years we have incorporated the sustainability aspect into our certification process making it the worlds first media sustainability certificate. 

We have developed some of the strictest and finest certification procedures in the industry. Certificates can be obtained by making an official request or is given as an honor by the RTNworld Academy Board.

Website & Application Services

As part of our aim to make arts and cultures more accessible to the public we offer individual services and technical support building both self hosted websites and applications with excellent usability,  backup options connected to various payment platforms. 

Manage your guests and customers easy with CRM tools. We support you in utilizing your own data to engage clients and increase sales. 

Make sure your website and services are always up to date with your self hosted solutions. 



Supplying you with excellent solutions

We support you leveling up your marketing efforts, ensuring that your guests and clients get the best offers.

Manual quality checks

The RTNworld Academy websites, including the RTNworld list are manually checked by our board and does not employ AI or automated approvals. 

Invitation process

Membership applications are carefully reviewed by the Academy Board according to individual and general standards. Individual standards are set depending on category and scope of submission and general standards are set by the general academy guidlines. The RTNworld Academy will base its decision on multiple criteria such as track record, reputation, professional skills and the content or service itself. If the information is found to be insufficient, inconsistent or incomplete the RTNworld Academy board might ask for additional reviews and information to be submitted. This is referred to as “application stages”. Applicants will be excluded from further submissions if the information submitted to the RTNworld Academy is found to be false or incorrect.

A potential member must not only comply to the general standards set by the RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures but also the individual label and brand guidelines associated with the individual’s work. This is nessesary in order to be eligable for enlisting into the RTNlist.com. Products or events that are submitted unrelated to specific individuals are still required to list an individual on the application serving as the main contact person. 


The RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures is a organization made up by passionate individuals from all over the world, representing the best of international arts and culture. We are strongly committed to a balanced representation aimed at building bridges. Board members meet on a regular basis to discuss and review new applications. Gatherings usually take place in the LA, Bay area. In order to preserve the RTNworld Academy’s integrity we do not issue any statements on individual members.