The RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures does not accept membership applications. Members are accepted by referrals and reviews conducted by other members of the academy. There is a strict independent review process which is supervised by the academy, board of representatives and the director of the academy. The entire review procedure has never been published. If you want to have a look at some of the requirements new members must fulfill in each branch, please click here.


In order to become a new member of the RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures and the RTNlist one must simply be pacient. Only members of the Academy can submit a review request. The membership process is by sponsorship only, not application. Candidates must be sponsored by at least 3 members from the branch which the candidate is related to by business or professional history. Potential candidates are independently reviewed by branch committees following both uniform but specific guidlines attached to the branch or environment of the reviewed subject. About four times a year completed reviews are submitted to the council and director of the academy. Each of the review subjects have gone through a review process lasting for more than 160 days. The final invitation is issued by the director of the academy based on flawless recommendations and reviews by the council board.


The  RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures is a global organization, representing the best of international arts and culture with members from all continents. The review and invitation process is highly confidential and meetings are never announced officially in order to prevent anyone taking influence on the internal procedures. Academy Board Council members are not allowed to appear as such or make public statements. The RTNlist review is conducted on different locations every year.


Since 2009 it is known that the RTNworld Academy hosts a sponsorship and mentoring program in order to collect information about new review subjects. Only certain members of the RTNworld Academy have been trusted with the serious commitment of sponsoring a review subject. Being a trusted member means you are obligated to ensure by all means that the candidate has truly “demonstrated exceptional achievements in its branch or profession”. All trusted members are obligated to be familiar with the admission criteria of the branches and categories in which review subjects can be submitted in. Since 2019 trusted members are only allowed to submit 3 review subjects per invitation cycle.


A review subject needs to be submitted by at least 3 members of the academy. All members who submit a new review subject need to be a member of the same branch as the review subject is associated with or related to. Failing to determine the correct branch will lead to immediate annulation of the review process. One member of the RTNworld Academy is asked to initiate the review process by submitting an official review request by mail to the academy council and director. Once the a member has submitted an official review request the other two members will be asked to submit additional information. The request will be distributed to other members of the same branch conducting reviews without disclosing further details about the intent, process, stage of review or review subjec itself.

Each candidate and review subject who received favourable endorsement from the final Academy Board will be informed via the silver envelope handed out by an academy member.

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