Welcome to RTNworld Academy Events. As part of our activities we host different cultural events highlighting the importance of arts and cultures within our communities.


RTNworld Communications Forum

Culture is about communication and transporting messages to people. Since 2014 we host a special industry event dedicated to the art of communication. The event contains several forums such as Cultural Communication, PR, Conflicts & Interests, Industry Communications, Communication in history, communication trends, The event is focused on education and raising awareness of how people and cultures interact with each other gaining insights in trends and approaches accross industries, individuals and cultures.


RTNworld Entertainment Brunch

As a global academy with different members from the entertainment industry we invited you to our entertainment brunch originally hosted at the Berlin International Filmfestival in 2008. The RTNworld entertainment Brunch is hosted in different locations all around the world as an industry gathering with various speakers exchanging ideas and trends from the industry. The event is hosted as a brunch on 7 days ending in the early afternoon every day giving space to interesting mind opening experiences during the late afternoon and evenints with different activities that guests can sign up to.


RTNworld festival of colors

The RTNworld festival is hosted showcasing selected members and their talents or projects. This unique festival summarizes the annual highlights of the activities within the academy and its members offering the most amazing variety of what arts and cultures have to offer from the art of cuisine to the art of singing and painting.


RTNworld Awards – a night of honor

The RTNworld Academy invites old and new members to participate in the annual award dinner presenting new members and achievements decorated with amazing performances at a unique location celebrating outstanding art created by outstanding people.

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Outstanding culture made by outstanding people

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