Membership Application

The RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures offers a wide range of different services to its members. We want to promote cultural exchange between nations and people. 

While other people collect items we collect unique artists and experiences around the world. Whether you want to apply yourself or want to make us aware of other outstanding artistic achievements, please feel welcome to let us know. Every submission is being assessed with the greatest care. We have summarized some helpful tips on how you can make your application stand out.

Miriam Kohnitz
Membership Invitation Services

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Make sure that your submission is complete before sending it. Incomplete submissions will be rejected by the RTNworld Academy Board. Please also note that you can only make 3 Submissions a year from this form. If you wish to make more submissions, you need to obtain an accreditation from the Academy.  

Why do we need your contact information? 

We are interested in knowing more about how people engage with art and artists. Therefore, we might want to obtain more information in case the RTNworld Academy board requires more information to motivate a membership approval. 

What makes your submission unique? 

Let us know if you submit yourself or someone else and how you got to know the artist/company/service etc. 

Motivating your submissions…

What is unique about your submission? Give us a detailed description of why you think we should approve a new membership and how the submission and potential new member can contribute to the academy.