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The governing law and statutes of the Academy

The RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures has updated its statutes previously known as Book of Guidelines.

The statutes represents the framework in which the academy directors and board members are allowed to execute actions, judge and administrate the academy. These statutes are intended to secure the independence of the academy balancing the internal committees and their influence on procedures and general decision making policies. 

Organisational Statutes for the RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures

Adopted at the annual meeting 2008-09-15. Changed at the annual meeting 2015-01-27. Changed at the annual meeting 2021-02-03.

1. Goal

1.1  RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures is an independent non-profit international organization driven by individuals dedicated to the field of arts and cultures, open to artists and those interested in supporting the charity and culture. 

1.2 RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures purpose is to:

Stimulate and support artists and cultural institutions in their efforts to promote their activities and development. We encourage and participate in the formation of projects supporting artists and communities around the world. The RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures promote and initiate the exchange of information between institutions, artists and the public. The RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures appoints delegates and representatives to national and international organizations of interest. The RTNworld Academy Board honors individuals and cultural institutions by awarding them an Academy Label and entry into the RTN List. 

2. Organization

2.1 RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures is made up by individuals and associations. Each affiliated association has one (1) vote at RTNworld Academy annual meeting.

2.2 The financial year shall be 1 January – 31 December.

2.3 The incorporation of the RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures is signed by the chairman of the board, secretary and treasurer separately.

3. Membership and fees

3.1  Decisions on membership are made by the board and trusted members. Public votes can also be considered.

3.2 The  annual fee is determined by the RTNworld Academy Board as well as the annual meeting of the local associations. The annual fee should preferably be paid before the turn of the year or at the beginning of the financial year, but no later than 31 January. The RTNworld Academy Board can also choose to charge a monthly fee if conditions are met.

4. RTNworld Academy organ

4.1 The annual meeting consists of representatives from local affiliated associations. Each local association appoints a representative, who must report to the board no later than seven (7) days before the annual meeting.

4.2 Board: RTNworld Academy board shall consist of a chairman (Director) and a maximum of ten (10) members, who shall be members of any affiliated local association.

The board is elected by the annual meeting for a period of 3 years. The board can temporarily call experts on  specific issues.

The RTNworld Academy Board appoints a non public vice chairman, treasurer, secretary and a representative of cultural institutions.

4.3 In certain cases, RTNworld Academy may call a person of honor to participate in the RTNworld Academy Board.

5. Nomination Committee

5.1 At the annual meeting, members shall make use of their votes.

6. Annual meeting

6.1 The annual meeting is held before the end of April. The time and place of the annual meeting is decided by the RTNworld Board in cooperation with local associations.

6.2 Questions discussed at the annual meeting must have been received in writing two (2) weeks before the set time and date for the annual meeting.

6.3 Notice of the annual meeting shall be sent out no later than three (3) weeks before the annual meeting.

6.4 At the annual meeting, the following matters shall be considered with priority:

  • Election of chairman and secretary for the annual meeting
  • Establishment of ballot papers and approval of proxies
  • Question whether the annual meeting was announced in accordance with the articles of the RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures
  • Election of a notary and a host to keep track of the meeting minutes together with the chairman
  • Approval of the agenda
  • Adoption of the Board’s annual report and combined balance sheet
  • Presentation of the auditor’s report
  • Question about discharge from liability for the board
  • Election of chairman
  • Election of other board members and deputies
  • Election of auditor and deputy auditor
  • Decision on the annual fee for the coming financial year
  • Treatment of received questions

6.5 At the annual meeting, each representative has one vote. Votes of representatives who cannot participate will not be considered. Absent members can lose their seat/vote if presence is required. 

All decisions are made by simple majority. In the event of an equal number of votes, a selected member will be allowed to submit a second vote. The selected member has been equipped with this authority upon entering the meeting. 

6.6 Extraordinary general meetings shall be held, when the board deems it necessary or when such is called for by at least 10 academy board members. The notice convening such a meeting shall state the matters to be considered at the meeting.

7. Board

7.1 The board is trusted with authority to lead activities between the annual meetings. The following responsibilities are attributed to the board’s competence 

to handle RTNworld Academy affairs so that purposes and policies are promoted
to manage RTNworld Academy assets and donations
to carry out the assignment decided by the annual meeting to prepare materials for the next annual meeting
The board meets when the business so requires. Notice of a meeting should preferably be given no later than 15 days before the meeting.

8. Statute change, withdrawal and dissolution

8.1 Amendments to these articles can only be made at the annual meeting. Proposals for amendments must be received in writing by the Board no later than one (1) month before the annual meeting. Decisions to amend the Statues require at least two-thirds of the votes for the changed statues at the annual meeting.

8.2 The RTNworld Academy Board Director and Chairman of the Board, which wishes to resign from the RTNworld Academy Board, must notify the board no later than September the 2nd of the year with a written notification stating the date of which resignation is requested. Formal and final resignations can only take place at the turn of the calendar year.

8.3 For the dissolving of th RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures, a decision is required by two consecutive meetings, one of which shall be an annual meeting. A valid decision requires that at least three quarters of the votes cast at each meeting support the proposal.

Upon dissolving, a decision shall be made on the remaining RTNworld Academy assets. These are to be used for purposes that benefit cultural activities or returned to its members and donors.

The RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures is a non-profit oriented membership only organization. Revenues can only be collected based on re-distributing them for a greater purpose such as charity projects, membership projects, independent art projects generating value for our members and local communities raising awareness of the importance of arts and cultures.

Fundamental Values


The RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures is a non-profit oriented membership only organization. Revenues can only be collected based on re-distributing them for a greater purpose, such as charity and sustainable projects, membership projects, independent art projects generating value for our members and local communities raising awareness of the importance of arts and cultures.


Board Members cannot act as corporate representatives within the RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures.


The RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures purpose is to unite different forms of art and cultures in one organization representing various forms of arts, honoring outstanding achievements across all societies and nations. The Academy aims to focus on appreciating elements exposing differences between cultures and art forms attributed to the human spirit.


The RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures does not engage, or give statements surrounding national policies and politics. Its primary purpose is to develop, support and create a working environment for artists independently of the local circumstances which at times even might prevent the work and engagement of artists. 


We believe that outstanding art and cultural achievements are founded in the spirit of every human being formed by our visions, beliefs and dreams. We believe and acknowledge that visions, beliefs and dreams cannot be taken away from us and therefore live beyond society and political influence.


The RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures is committed to a diplomatic language, phrasing and wording, creating the professional environment needed, in order to act with the necessary empathy and care, transferring messages in between and across different cultures and people without intentionally hurting, offending, discrediting or discriminating a matter or a person, all in the benefit for the RTNworld Academy and our work.  


The Academy can penetrate markets, but is not permitted to create business plans or engage in fundraising or business activities, gaining market shares of such extent that it becomes a direct competitor to members, cultural institutions or partners. All business or fundraising activities must be carefully assessed and executed.


The Academy is not permitted to approach members for marketing purposes on behalf of third parties. It is only permitted to offer services to members with the purpose of prioritizing them over non-members but not of missionary character. Distributing information about engagements in volunteering activities with the academy is considered a valid purpose of marketing.


The RTNworld Academy Committee is responsible for publishing the printed edition of the Distribution List until 2030 to a closed circle of members. Members outside of the closed circle are not permitted access to the contents of the lists. The RTNworld Academy Committee in Los Angeles is responsible to ensure the compliance with all existing regulations without exception and can act independently.