Book of Guidlines & Regulations

Book of Verdict & Execution

Book of Labels & Awards

Code of Conduct & Compliance

The governing law of the academy and its procedures

The book of Guidelines and regulations represents the framework in which the academy director and committee is allowed to execute actions, judge and base their decisions and recommendations on. The book of guidelines and regulations is intended to secure the independence of the academy and balance the internal committees and their power of influence on procedures and decision making. The book also expresses expectations on members acting honorably reflecting the level of authority and trust received from the public and its members. The book contains over 2644 pages. Most of these regulations contain detailed guidelines on procedures for assessing new members or services invited to the academy or/and the distribution list. The Guidelines have been compiled by the founders of the academy and are extended with new regulations.

In order to increase transparency, the academy committee has decided to publish parts of the book in order to give you interesting and valuable insights into the work of the academy board. In addition to the book of guidelines and regulations the academy is also guided by the book of verdict and execution. The book of verdict and execution remains secret internal.

Fundamental Guidlines & Values


The RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures is a non-profit oriented membership only organization. Revenues can only be collected based on re-distributing them for a greater purpose such as charity projects, membership projects, independent art projects generating value for our members and local communities raising awareness of the importance of arts and cultures.


Only individual members can be equipped with the power of decision-making influencing internal procedures. Corporations are exempt from taking part in the internal decision making process or assessment process outside of the board of representatives.


The RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures purpose is to unite different forms of art and cultures in one organization representing various forms of arts honoring outstanding achievements across all societies and nations. The Academy aims to focus on appreciating elements exposing differences between cultures and art forms attributed to the human spirit.


The RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures does not engage, or give statements surrounding national policies and politics. Its primary purpose is to develop, support and create a working environment for artists independently of the local circumstances which at times even might prevent the work and engagement of artists.


We believe that outstanding art and cultural achievements are founded in the spirit of every human being formed by our visions, beliefs and dreams. We believe and acknowledge that visions, beliefs and dreams cannot be taken away from us and therefore live beyond societal and political influence.


The RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures is committed to a diplomatic language, phrasing and wording creating the professional environment needed, in order to act with the necessary empathy and care transferring messages in between and across different cultures and people without intentionally hurting, offending, discrediting or discriminating a matter or a person.  


The Academy can penetrate markets but is not permitted to create plans or engage in fundraising or business activities gaining market shares of such extent acting as direct competitor to members or partners. All business or fundraising activities must be carefully assessed and executed.


The Academy is not permitted to approach members for marketing purposes of third parties. It is only permitted to offer services to members in the purpose of prioritizing them over non-members but not of missionary nature. Distributing information about engagements in volunteering activities with the academy is considered a valid purpose of marketing its own activities without violating this fundamental guideline.


The RTNworld Academy Committee is responsible for publishing the printed edition of the Distribution List until 2030 to the closed circle of members. Members outside of the closed circle are not permitted access to contents of the lists. The RTNworld Academy Committee in Los Angeles is responsible to ensure the compliance with all existing regulations without exception.

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