Parnership application

The RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures offers a partnership program to external businesses and individuals associated with the cultural industries. Selected entries of the partnership program will be considered for membership under the same procedure as regular members are being accepted. The partnership program intends to promote outstanding cultural events and services to our community not directly related to the academy or its members. Only applicants that meet the guidelines will be considered for a listing with the academy. Please note that applicants must comply with the standards and guidelines of RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures. In order to make it easier for you we have created a small summary below, giving you insights into the application process and applicable rules and guidelines.

The history of your event will give us an insight into the development and character of your event. Please detail and important highlights during the existence and possible rebranding’s of the event.

Please give us an insight into the cultural specifications of your event. Is a particular theme applied to the event? What styles do you include into your event? This will help the academy board to understand the diversity and uniqueness of your event.

In some cases, events are containing or pursuing a specific cultural heritage connected or associated with a minority or cultural identity. Please make sure to outline a possible connection to a specific cultural heritage.  

Please note that the academy generally does not support political events. However, in certain cases panel discussions or other events of this character might contain elements and individuals from the political spectrum. In order to determine whether this goes against the Book of Guidelines please specify any such content or views that might be a part of such an event.

Please note that this information is required for diligence and compliance purposes.

In order to determine the character of your event please provide a list and profiles or high-profile individuals that are participating in your event. This helps the academy to understand the scope of your event and possible security issues that might arise.

The forecasted budget gives the academy an insight into the scope of your event and allows us to assess different funding support options.

Please note that this is required information in order to be accepted for the application process. This information gives the academy an insight into the scope of your event and helps us assess further support options.

This information helps us assess the need of further support options such as providing additional space and facilities.

Please note that this information is critical to members of the academy asked to participate in the event. This allows us to understand the technical setup of your event.

What kind of safety concept is involved into your event setup? This information helps us to gain an understanding into the safety requirements of your event and additional support we might want to provide you with.

Please let us know how you have intended to use different ticket distributors and systems.

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