COVID Production Support

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Special times require special measures as we are committed to the safety and wellbeing of the industry. Safety is fundamental to our enjoyment and performance. It is hard to fully enjoy something or performing on stage or in front of a camera without feeling comfortable and safe. In order to support the entertainment industry, we have developed an ambitious COVID Support package available to all members and non-members of the RTNworld Academy.

There are various opinions regarding the need for testing and accuracy of tests in general. However, we think that testing is better than no testing at all. Throughout the pandemic, we have come to understand that testing:

Please note that COVID rapid test kit orders by members are prioritized before non-members. 

For larger orders of rapid test kits we kindly ask you to contact us directly at: service(at)

Judi Mai

COVID Compliance Manager

David Cohn

Membership & Invitations

Ticket Check-in

Manage the entire guest check-in and covid compliance procedure with the RTNworld Academy. We help you organize your event with the latest technology. 

Crew Compliance Check-in

Make sure everyone is safe behind the scenes and use our crew compliance procedures and check-in technology. 

COVID Rapid-Test Kits

Equip your entire production crew as well as involved external partners with COVID Rapid Tests made in Germany. Our COVID Compliance officer can assist you in making sure that the tests are done correctly. 

Buy COVID Test-Kit here:

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