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Welcome to e.M. Zadig Cosmetics and the exclusive Academy collection. With the academy collection we support independent artists and cultural institutions around the world. All funds collected, go to cultural projects and supporting outstanding artists locally and around the world. Our products are used by individuals from the entertainment industry as well as members of the RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures. e.M. Zadig Cosmetics have previously only been in professional offline distribution not available to the general public. 

If you wish to pre-order our products before they become available online, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page and we will personally get in touch with you.  


Ginkgo Gel Booster

e.M Zadig Cosmetics Ginkgo biloba face gel is high in antioxidants that help minimize the damage caused by free radicals and protect the skin from pollution or other environmental factors. Dull and tired skin regains freshness and youthful look. Mix 1–3 drops of private label face gel into your face or body moisturizer.

Certified, Vegan, local and natural


e.M Zadig Cosmetics production facility is certified according to ISO 22716:2007, the international standards for Good Manufacturing Practices for cosmetics. To ensure the safe manufacturing of cosmetic products, ISO 22716:2007 provides guidelines for the production, control, storage and shipment. In addition to this we also ensure that we use local ingredients as far as possible and make our products vegan friendly. 



Daily Visage


e.M. Zadig Dialy Visage is enriched with moisturising Hyaluronic Acid and Betaine to revive the skin’s moisture levels, and give the skin immediate freshness and comfort. Delicate texture, face cream quickly absorbs, leaving the skin hydrated and matte. Suitable for normal to combination skin. Apply to clean skin.



Personal Service

When you order via us and the RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures you will receive the best service. It is very important to us that our customers do not feel they are ordering through an online machine but via an emphatic human. We have made it easy to order via the online form and online shop, however all orders are being processed manually by humans. This ensures that we can deliver the best services. You can always reach us in case you have questions around your order. 


Your purchase makes a difference

With your purchase we are able to support many outstanding known and unknown artists and cultural institutions around the world. We recently supported Khalil with a set of services that would boost his newly opened local cinema in the rural town of Sveg in Sweden. By doing so we support Khalil in the effort of creating a meeting point  that can boost wellbeing amongst the citizen enriching local cultural life. Every time you purchase one of our products you support different projects.  

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