The RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures want to shine a light on one of the most known female artists from the art-deco era, Tamara de Lempicka. Born in 1898 she quickly advanced to become one of the most famous female artists of her era. Discover her amazing life living through the Russian revolution, escaping to Partis, living in Los Angeles and New York. Her work remains as a monument of the art deco era. 

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Jun 16
Casablanca – Behind the scenes

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Jun 07
Sveg Cinema has been honored with a list membership

Announcements English version – Academy Board 07.06.2023 RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures welcomes Sveg Cinema to the exclusive RTNlist Supporting local art communities is so much more than just a tagline for a bumper sticker. When it comes to local artists and local art galleries, it’s important to remember that art doesn’t exist in […]