Submission Guidlines

In 2019 the Academy started to accept review requests from outside of the Academy. Now everyone has the opportunity to let the academy of arts and cultures know about outstanding arts and experiences. The RTNworld Academy is carefully selecting amongst the review requests and therefor we have established this site to give you an insight into how to catch the attention of the Academy board members.

Assessments of review requests will only be done on complete submissions. Incomplete submissions will be rejected.

The submission must contain the full name of the individual, establishment, institution or review subject.

All submissions must contain a description and motivation letter on the achievements of the review subject. To catch the academy boards attention please motivate your submission by using the academy guidlines.

The academy cannot give any statements regarding the progress of a review.

Submissions are handled anonymously meaning that the review subject never receives information on who submitted the request.

Please note that the RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures is charging a submission fee in order to attract high quality submissions. The submission fee is charged regardless of if the review subjet is successfully invited to the Academy or not. The submission fee is a one time non-refundable fee. According to the Academy guidlines the submission fee is set based on the numbe of requests in que to be processed.