The RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures presents a very special Christmas concert by Hiba Tawaji a a Lebanese singer, actress, and director known for her participation in the fourth season of France’s version of The Voice. She is widely recognized for her vocal skills in the Arab music scene as a major artist. She has a 4-octave vocal range. In 2019 she released a special Christmas album, titled Hallelujah, produced by Oussama Rahbani. She was the singer of the official soundtrack of the popular series Tarik, which premiered during the month of Ramadan in 2018. It became Tawaji’s most popular song. Tarik boosted Tawaji’s career as it showcased her versatility and ability to also tap into mainstream genres. That year, she also performed a sold out concert at the Dubai Opera as part of a Rahbani night. Enjoy this special Christmas concert featuring beloved classics performed in Arabic, French and English 

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