General Terms & Conditions

Please note that different terms and conditions might apply to services and products provided by third parties via the RTNworld website You can find the terms and conditions by third parties and our partners provided in their profiles and on their tickets/invitations. 

Applicability Contractual basis

The General Terms and Conditions govern the legal relationships between visitors/guests to events and the respective distributor/ticket seller/host. They are part of the contract concluded by purchasing tickets via By purchasing a ticket or a subscription series, these terms shall be considered agreed upon. They also apply to subscribers/ticket buyeers/customers and members of other organizations, unless other agreements have been made.

For other special events taking place at the distributor/ticket seller/host venue, may handle advance ticket sales at the distributor/ticket seller/host request, charging an advance sales fee. In this case the sells tickets as the agent, respectively, by order and for the account of the distributor/ticket seller/host in question. By purchasing tickets independent of payment option, a contract governing attendance at the event is established exclusively between the purchaser and the distributor/ticket seller/host.

Third-party distributor/ticket seller/host may have rules regarding advance sales and orders differing from the RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures General Terms and Conditions (GTC). 

Liability Third-Party Obligations

As the purchase of a ticket to an event establishes a legal relationship exclusively between the ticket purchaser and the distributor/ticket seller/host with regard to the event, the RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures accepts no liability for the fulfillment of claims against the distributor/ticket seller/host, nor does it accept any liability in cases of a distributor/ticket seller/host insolvency. Customers may only make claims arising from non-performance or faulty performance (faulty execution) against the distributor/ticket seller/host.

Opening Hours & Ticket Sales on location

If ticket offices are available on locations this will be announced via the distributor/ticket seller/host website or profile. The availability of evening box office, on location is subject to change and differs from distributor/ticket seller/host. Some distributor/ticket seller/host might not offer the possibility to purchase tickets at the evening box office. Every event venue is different and distributor/ticket seller/host might not guarantee accessibility to guests with disabilities. 

Programm and Start Times

Event programs and start times of distributor/ticket seller/host presentations are announced in the distributor/ticket seller/host publications and profile. All content is subject to change without notice. After an event has begun, visitors may be able to be seated in the venue, but without a claim to the exact seat they have purchased. If late attendance, seating is not possible, the visitor has no claim for a refund of the ticket price.

Ticket Prices and Discounts

The publishes the ticket prices for events via its publications and websites.

For official accompanying persons of individuals with disabilities, admission might be free if not otherwise stated on the ticket; however, such individuals require a free ticket. Please contact the distributor/ticket seller/host for more information on how to obtain a free ticket.  Some distributors/ticket sellers/hosts might offer a limited number of wheelchair seating areas. If free tickets for accompanying persons are available within the policy of the distributor/ticket seller/host, the accompanying person will be placed as close to the wheelchair location as possible. Please inform yourself if the distributor/ticket seller/host is able to offer seats for disabled individuals before booking a ticket.

If you are entitled to a reduced or free ticket you must state this before purchasing a ticket. Reduced tickets cannot be granted after a purchase has been made. Any person using a discounted ticket must be able to present the appropriate identification at the entrance of the venue. If such an identification or/and certification cannot be provided, the difference between the reduced ticket and a full-price ticket may have to be paid. Please inform yourself at the distributor/ticket seller/host profile or website about the availability of discounts.

Children under the age of 3 are generally excluded from attending events if not otherwise stated by the distributor/ticket seller/host in their terms and conditions.

The distributor/ticket seller/host sells gift vouchers which may be used to pay for tickets to the distributor/ticket seller/host own presentations, performances, screenings etc. Specific events or seats cannot be guaranteed and are subject to availability. Gift vouchers cannot be paid out in cash. If a gift voucher is partially redeemed, a new voucher will be issued for the remaining sum, which shall be equipped with a validation date.

Ticket Sales and Ticket Reservations

Advance sales for distributor/ticket seller/host events begin on a specific date, or a specific period of time, at the distributor/ticket seller/host box office, via phone, or online via The conditions for advance ticket sales are determined by the distributor/ticket seller/host policies. Due to advance reservations, individual events may be sold out when the general ticket sales begin. If high demand is expected, the distributor/ticket seller/host reserves the right to limit the number of tickets sold to any individual buyer. Individuals with disabilities may be given preferential treatment. No seat tickets are not offered for every concert, screening, performance and not during advance ticket sales.

Ticket buyers are obliged to check that they have received the correct tickets. Complaints after a purchase has been completed will not be accepted.

Internet Ticket Sales

Tickets for the distributor/ticket seller/host events can be purchased via and its integrated online shop. The distributor/ticket seller/host reserves the right to change the events and seats offered via online sales at any time and without special notice, or to interrupt or terminate such sales at any time.

During online ticket sales, the offer to conclude a contract is made by the buyer. The buyer receives an email confirming the ticket sales independent of payment option. By confirming the ticket sale via email, the distributor/ticket seller/host accepts the buyer’s offer. As distributor/ticket seller/host or/and the RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures offers services in the field of leisure activities (tickets to events) the right of withdrawal is excluded or limited depending on the distributor/ticket seller/host and event location.

Ticket sales via mail service is an option that can be offered up to 7 calendar days before the date of the event for addresses in the event location country by the distributor/ticket seller/host, and up to 30 days before the date of the event for foreign addresses. In these cases, a service and shipping fee will be charged on top of the ticket purchase of this option is made available by distributor/ticket seller/host. Tickets are mailed at the risk of the buyer. The distributor/ticket seller/host and RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures also offers other options to receive tickets, i.e. print at home and mobile tickets. The buyer prints ticket(s) booked online at home on his printer, using A4 paper. Only good printing quality guarantees that the barcode can be read by the scanner at the venue entrance. The customer is not entitled to reproduce, copy or change the printed ticket. The ticket can only be used for one admittance. The barcode on the ticket is invalidated as soon as it has been scanned once. Print at home tickets or mobile tickets should be safeguarded by the customer like cash or regular tickets in order to prevent misuse. The distributor/ticket seller/host and RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures accepts no liability for loss and/or misuse of tickets.

Exchange and Return of Tickets

In general tickets cannot be returned or exchanged. Changes to the program, screening, performances and/or cast do not justify any claim for the return or exchange of tickets. In exceptional cases, tickets for the distributor/ticket seller/host own presentations, performances, screenings can be returned until 3 days before the day of the event, in exchange for a gift voucher for the value of the tickets. Please note that, cancellations are subject to an additional fee. The gift voucher can be used for the purchase of tickets for another distributor/ticket seller/host presentations, screenings, performances. The voucher cannot be paid out in cash.

Unused tickets will not be refunded after the date of the event. Distributor/ticket seller/host might have other return and exchange policies. For more information, please check the distributor/ticket seller/host policies. 

Loss of Tickets

In cases of lost tickets, the evening box office might be able to issue a substitute ticket if the Distributor/ticket seller/host offers a box office service. Reissued tickets are subject to an additional fee, if the visitor can prove or show credibly which event and which seat was purchased. In this case, the original ticket loses its validity. The substitute ticket will be marked as such. Please note that not all Distributors/ticket sellers/hosts offer this service. Please check the policy of your Distributor/ticket seller/host. 

Passing on Tickets

Commercial resales of Distributor/ticket seller/hosts or RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures tickets are not permitted. This does not apply to partners whose business also includes ticket resales or running a ticket agency, or whose bylaws include the passing on tickets to its members or other groups of tickets (external ticket sales points, travel agencies and other ticket sales, internet portals of partners etc.). In such cases, the general terms and conditions of the Distributor/ticket seller/host apply, which may differ from the these terms (e.g. Regarding fees) and for which the Distributor/ticket seller/host or accepts no responsibility.

Offering tickets for sale, inside or in front of the Distributor/ticket seller/host venue/location is prohibited.

Ticket Reservations

Reservations to Distributor/ticket seller/host events are subject to availability.

Written ticket requests (by letter / fax / email) will be fulfilled in the order they were received if this option is offered by the Distributor/ticket seller/host. Customers will receive a reservation confirmation stating a payment deadline unless payment on location is the only option. Ticket orders via phone will be accepted as soon as tickets are on sale if phone reservations are accepted by the Distributor/ticket seller/host

Tickets that have been paid for may be sent to the customer by mail; a service and shipping fee applies. Tickets are mailed at the customer’s risk. 

If purchased tickets are not picked up if the Distributor/ticket seller/host offers a pick up option, the customer/buyer has no right to claim a ticket, seat or refund.

Payment Methods

Tickets may be paid for by any payment method accepted by Payment options are restricted by the Distributor/ticket seller/host and subject to availability. 

Cancelling a Reservation

If reserved, tickets are not paid for within the deadline stated or picked up if this option is offered by Distributor/ticket seller/host, the Distributor/ticket seller/host and RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures has the right to offer them for sale to other customers. If partial amounts have been paid, these will be refunded.

Cancellation or Postponement of Events

If an event is postponed, tickets already purchased keep their validity for the new date in most cases. If the event is cancelled, tickets lose their validity and can be returned by the Distributor/ticket seller/host. Only tickets purchased at the Distributor/ticket seller/host ticket office or via can be returned for a refund within 14 days after the cancelled or postponed event, and the purchaser must provide valid bank details. can then hand over the refund request to the Distributor/ticket seller/host, who sold the ticket via to the customer. The value of the tickets will be refunded by bank transfer or vouchers handed out. All further claims are excluded. If the tickets were purchased from a  third party, all claims and requests must be addressed to that third party,  presenting or mailing in the tickets in question.

Refunds will not be made for events which are stopped or cancelled after the performance, screening, show has started  or after the interval (if an interval is scheduled) has passed. 


The Distributor/ticket seller/host and RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures reserves the right to alter the program of an event or make changes to the cast for any reasons The Distributor/ticket seller/host or RTNworld Acadeomy of Arts and Cultures has the right to expand or modify the available seating.

The Distributor/ticket seller/host or RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures reserves the right to decide upon other or complementary rules for ticket sales. Such modifications will be published by the Distributor/ticket seller/host.

Storage and Use of Data

Personal data of customers will be collected and stored to the extent necessary to initiate and execute the contract, and in compliance with data protection laws. Within this framework, the Distributor/ticket seller/host and also uses the data for customer service purposes and to inform customers about further offers of the Distributor/ticket seller/host and the RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures. Data will only be shared with third parties inasmuch as necessary to fulfil contractual obligations. The Distributor/ticket seller/host assures its customers that the Distributor/ticket seller/host and such third parties as are necessary to fulfil the contract will keep such data strictly confidential and use it only to the extent described here.

The customer has the right to protest the collection, processing and storage of personal data, and to demand the blocking of disputed data, the deletion of data which have been stored in violation of data protection laws or which are no longer necessary, and the correction of incorrect data.

Exercising Domestic Authority

The Artistic Director and the Managing Director of the Distributor/ticket seller/host exercise the domestic authority for the premises of the Distributor/ticket seller/host. This authority is also exercised by the evening supervisors, the front office staff, the ticket office staff and other persons who have been authorized accordingly. All visitors must follow the instructions of these persons. Visitors may be excluded from events if there is a reasonable suspicion that they may disrupt the event or disturb other visitors. A person who has failed to comply with the General Terms and Conditions may also be excluded. Persons hindering or disrupting the sales of tickets or disturbing the audience may be removed from the venue. Visitors may be removed from ongoing events if they disrupt such events or disturb other persons and disrupt the performances. In these cases, they will have no claim for the refund of the ticket price.


In cases where a general ban from the venue/location of the Distributor/ticket seller/host has been pronounced, this applies to all current and future events held and hosted by Distributor/ticket seller/host and the RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures. The person in question may request such a ban to be lifted; such requests must be made in writing, stating the reasons for the request, and the Distributor/ticket seller/host will adjudicate such requests within three months.

Occupation of Seats

Visitors must occupy only the seat indicated on their ticket for the event in question. If a visitor occupies another seat than the one indicated on the ticket without permission, the Distributor/ticket seller/host may charge the difference in value between the occupied seat and the value of the ticket, or require the visitor to occupy the seat indicated on the ticket, or remove the visitor from the event . All visitors must follow the instructions of the Distributor/ticket seller/host staff or any firms engaged to ensure compliance with the House Rules


For all events, we recommend that the minimum age of 3 years be observed out of consideration for the audience and the participating artists. 
Children between the ages of 3 and 8 may enter the venue/location of the Distributor/ticket seller/host only if accompanied by a sufficient number of suitable supervisors. Visitors with children must ensure that these regulations are observed. In the case of school class/group visits by children in the age group up to 14 years, at least two adult supervisors must be present to accompany a group/school class. 

Animals / Guide and Assistant Dogs

Bringing animals into the venue and/or location of the Distributor/ticket seller/host is prohibited, with the exception of guide and assistance dogs. Any guide and assistance dogs must be registered in advance and before purchasing a ticket.


Smoking is prohibited within the venues/locations of the Distributor/ticket seller/host and the RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures (this also applies to E-cigarettes). Smoking is permitted in the designated areas indicated by signs if permitted at all.

Drinks & Food

Visitors are not permitted to bring food and drinks into the venues/locations of the Distributor/ticket seller/host. Food and drinks offered within the venues/locations of the Distributor/ticket seller/host may not be brought into the seating/performance area, unless other information is published for individual events.


In order to ensure the security of events, bags, containers and clothing such as coats and jackets may be checked by Distributor/ticket seller/host or by its agents and staff members for the contents. Any objects, substances and materials which may endanger the security of persons or might have a negative effect on  the event may not be brought into the venues/locations of the Distributor/ticket seller/host. Visitors who refuse to consent to the safeguarding of objects which may endanger the event or its visitors will be excluded from the event. Visitors excluded for this reason have no right to claim a refund of the ticket price. Depending on the nature of the event, it may be prohibited to bring bags and similar containers or bulky items into the venues/locations of the Distributor/ticket seller/host. For more information, please check the  policies of your Distributor/ticket seller/host

In cases of fire or other unforeseen dangerous situations, visitors must leave the  venue/location resp. the Distributor/ticket seller/host immediately and via the most direct route, using the exits and emergency exits marked. In such cases, checked items will not be returned before evacuation. Visitors must follow the instructions of service staff or other persons authorized by Distributor/ticket seller/host, without exceptions.

Liability for Damages

The Distributor/ticket seller/host is liable for damages to life, body and/or health. For other damages, the Distributor/ticket seller/host is liable if such damages were caused on purpose or through gross negligence. If other damages are due to simple negligence concerning a material obligation (i.e. a mutual obligation of which the customer may trust that it is observed, and which is essential for the contractual obligations to be fulfilled), the Distributor/ticket seller/host is liable to the extent of the foreseeable damages typical for such contracts. These liability rules also apply to the liability of legal representatives and agents appointed by the Distributor/ticket seller/host.


Umbrellas, walking sticks, large bags, backpacks, perambulators, wheeled walkers or similar items must be checked at the cloakrooms free of charge if these facilities are available at the event venue/locations by the Distributor/ticket seller/host. Wheeled walkers may also be left outside the cloakrooms in the foyers near the doors to the auditoriums, but not where they might block main pathways. All items can be checked in the foyers free of charge; however, the Distributor/ticket seller/host reserves the right to charge a cloakroom fee at special events.

Checked items are covered by insurance provided by a firm chosen by Distributor/ticket seller/host, in accordance with the terms made available on public display. All liability is excluded for cash, jewelry and other valuables as well as keys. Damages or loss of checked items must be reported to the cloakroom attendants of the Distributor/ticket seller/host immediately.

Checked items will be handed to any person presenting the cloakroom ticket, without verification of that person’s entitlement.

If a cloakroom ticket has been lost, items will only be handed over to persons showing photo ID after paying a fine set by the Distributor/ticket seller/host. After concerts without a subsequent reception or similar post-concert events, the guest must wait until all other coats and items have been distributed. Please check your Distributor/ticket seller/host policy as your Distributor/ticket seller/host might not offer a possibility to check in items at the event venue/location.

Lost and Found Items

Items of any kind found at the venues/locations of the Distributor/ticket seller/host must be handed to the ushers or the cloakroom attendants. Any lost items should be reported to the same persons. Further treatment of found items shall be governed by the local and national regulations of the Distributor/ticket seller/host country.

Use of Mobile Phones

Mobile phones and other technical equipment emitting acoustic signals must be switched off during events/performances/Screenings.

Foto-, Video-, and Pictures

Video and/or audio recordings and photography by any electronic means are strictly prohibited during all events  This also applies to recordings made only for private use. Failing to comply with this might result in a copyright claim and is punishable in accordance with the Copyright Law. Unauthorized recordings may lead to liability claims. The venue/ticket seller reserves the right to confiscate recording devices or cameras and to keep them safe until their owner has agreed to delete the recording. 

The ticket seller/store reserves the right to make or permit third parties to produce audio and/or video recordings or broadcasts of individual events. Both the RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures as well as its ticket partner/venture is entitled to use such footage, especially including the right to copy, distribute, license , show it publicly or make it accessible to the public.

By purchasing tickets via and attending the event, visitors declare their consent to potentially being recorded and such recordings being used as described above, without any claim to remuneration.

Final Clauses

These General Terms and Conditions take effect on May 26, 2023, replacing the previous General Terms and Conditions.

Should a clause of these General Terms and Conditions become invalid, this shall not affect the legal validity of the other clauses.