General Information Events

Please find information about events and tickets sold by the RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures or via a partner. Partner tickets are always associated with a separate store and can have other policies than stated here. Please make sure to check both policies. 

Access to events

Your ticket or/and invitation only gives you access to the event location as stated on the ticket. Please note that different kind of events might have different access policies. Tickets for cinematic screenings generally give you access to the event venue maximum 30. Min before the screening unless stated otherwise. Your ticket and/or invitation is only valid for the designated area and generally does not permit you to access staff or backstage areas unless stated otherwise on the ticket. Access to outdoor venues might be limited due to weather circumstances. Please follow the instructions of staff members in case of emergency or evacuation of the event location. 


Any opening hours of ticket offices of vendors will be announced by public displays or by other means. Please note that each vendor has different policies regarding evening box office sales.  Visitors with disabilities must inform themselves via the ticket vendor/store.

Event programs and start times of presentations, screenings, festivals and plays are announced online and on the ticket itself. All content is subject to change without notice. After an event has begun, visitors may be able to be seated, but without a claim to the exact seat they have purchased. Seating claims cannot be made after the event has begun. If late seating or/and attendance is not possible the event host/store might refuse entry to the location. 

Beginning and End

Starting times of shows, screenings, events, festivals and plays are subject to change. Both start and end times of events can be subject to weather conditions if the event is hosted outside or subject to unforeseen weather circumstances. Please pay attention to the start time marked on your ticket/invitation. 

Foto-, Video-, and Pictures

Video and/or audio recordings and photography by any electronic means are strictly prohibited during all events  This also applies to recordings made only for private use. Failing to comply with this might result in a copyright claim and is punishable in accordance with the Copyright Law. Unauthorized recordings may lead to liability claims. The venue/ticket seller reserves the right to confiscate recording devices or cameras and to keep them safe until their owner has agreed to delete the recording. 

The ticket seller/store reserves the right to make or permit third parties to produce audio and/or video recordings or broadcasts of individual events. Both the RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures as well as its ticket partner/venture is entitled to use such footage, especially including the right to copy, distribute, license , show it publicly or make it accessible to the public.

By purchasing tickets via and attending the event, visitors declare their consent to potentially being recorded and such recordings being used as described above, without any claim to remuneration.

Ticket and seating policy

Visitors/guests must only occupy the seat at the event indicated on their ticket. If the visitor/guest occupies another seat than the one indicated on the ticket without permission, the ticket seller may charge the difference in value between the occupied seat and the value of the corresponding ticket, or require the visitor to occupy the seat indicated on the ticket, or in case of refusal remove the visitor/guest from the event. All visitors must follow the instructions of the local staff or any firms engaged to ensure compliance with the House Rules.


In order to ensure the security of events, bags, containers and clothing such as coats and jackets may be checked at the event venue by the ticket seller or a trusted partner as well or by its agents for contents. Any objects, substances and materials which may endanger the security of individuals/guests or might have a negative effect on the event may not be brought into the venue or to the location. Visitors who refuse to consent to the safeguarding of objects which may endanger the event or other visitors/guests/staff members will be excluded and removed from the event. Visitors excluded for this reason cannot claim a refund of their ticket price. Depending on the nature of the event, it may be prohibited to bring bags and similar containers or bulky items into the auditorium/cinema/theater/outdoor location.

In cases of fire or other dangerous situations, visitors must leave the venue/location immediately and via the direct route, using the exits and emergency exits marked. In such cases, checked items will not be returned before evacuation. Visitors must follow the instructions of service staff or other persons authorized by the ticket seller/store, without exceptions.

Documents of Proof, Certificates

If the event/ticket seller has announced access restrictions requiring Documents of proof or other type of certificates the event host and/or ticket seller has the right to refuse entry or remove visitors who cannot provide such documents. Documents of proof and certificates must be equipped with a validation date, covering the extent of the event and be valid beyond the event date. Examples of such certification can be: Covid vaccination certification, health certificates.