Every Christmas season we present the best musical experiences on the internet. This year we are especially delighted to receive the news that Andrea Bocelli has released a new Christmas album together with his family and we are invited to join them in a magical location at Castel Savoia, Gressoney – Valle D’Aosta – Italy. 

We wish to thank everyone who made this beautiful piece of art possible spreading a little light in dark times.

Produced by Trinity Broadcasting Network In association with Impact Productions and Fargo Films Executive Produced by Matthew and Laurie Crouch for TBN Produced by Tom Newman, Candace Lee, and Kristian Kelly for Impact Productions Producer: Marco Marchesi Morselli Director and Editing: Gaetano Morbioli Director’s Assist/ Producer for Run Production: Laura Castellotti DOP: Davide Crippa Production Design: Gianni Brugnoli Executive Producer: Federico Mazzola

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