The RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures in California presents a special special documentary on one of the biggest icons of the film industry – Warner Brothers and how it became one of the five biggest movie studios. Original title: The Warner Saga Directed by Clara and Julia Kuperberg

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Mar 22
Sami Melodi Grand Prix

INDIGENOUS SAMI MUSIC CULTURE Exploring the Vibrant Sami Music Culture and the Sami Melodi Grand Prix 2024 The Sami people, indigenous to the northern regions of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and parts of Russia, have a rich cultural heritage that encompasses various forms of art, including music. One of the highlights of the Sami music scene […]

Jun 16
Casablanca – Behind the scenes

WARNER BROTHERS 100 YEARS Get a unique view behind the scenes of one of the most iconic movies ever made based on “Everybody Comes to Rick’s”. During production, Warner Brothers had more than 50 movies in the pipeline and when the movie premiered in 1942 the British and US troops landed in Casablanca. Events that […]