Full transparency on how we operate

As a non-profit oriented society we operate with full transparency. This page aims to inform you about how the academy operates and what fees we charge in order to keep our operations running. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Please note that the information provided here is subject to change and represents the Academy Board update of 2022/02.   

Membership Fees

Licenses & Certificates

Distribution List

Membership Fees

The RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures invites members based on their outstanding achievements and track record. Being listed as a member will always remain free of charge. Being an active member contributing to the academy has certain benefits over non-paying members. Membership fees are only making up 12% of the total revenues collected by the Academy in 2019. In order to stabilize our operational funding the Academy board has decided on a new membership fee and contribution system.   

Free membership vs. Payed membership

Members who accept a free membership at the academy. Will only be listed as members, but will not receive any invitation or mailings from the academy starting from the 1st of January 2019. Members who have signed up for a membership contributing to the community will continue to receive invitations to dinners, events and special offers listed on the RTNlist©®. Payed members will always receive an award invitation where as free members will be selected to participate in the award and dinner ceremony. Members contributing to the academy will also have a new option to take part in the charity work by dedicate a certain percentage of their membership fee to go to charitable causes. 


License Fees & Distribution list

License fees are charged on all certificates and brands associated with the academy in order to maintain the standards connected with each of the brands. About 29% of the total academy revenues are generated by the license fees covering some of the operational costs. License fees vary depending on the scope of the license, the brand, purpose and timeline of use itself.

If you have been honored by the academy, by receiving a label or award certificate, you must pay the associated license fee if you intend to use it for marketing purposes obtaining the official approval of the academy board. All licenses are stored digitally and can be verified at any time. Please note that the academy can only provide 3 valid licenses with certificates at the same time even if the individual owns more certificates.  

The newly launched RTNlist©® or Distribution List, as referred to internally, accounts for about 10% of all revenues and is rapidly growing. The list is commission based and members only system. However the Academy offers different Listing packages in order to increase the visibility of your services and products across different platforms. Payed memberships also receive online advertising sponsored by the RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures. Certificates are handed out or ordered by individual members.


Please note that all rates are calculated individually as stated in your invitation. Discounts are applied if you combine a paid membership with your license fee. Please do also note that online listing rates differ from rates applied to invitations. 


Membership Standard Packages

from 1.000 USD

from 2.500 USD

from 8.999 USD