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The RTNworld Academy of Arts and Cultures offers its members a wide range of different supportive services for its members in order to promote the importance of art and culture. We have provided you with a brief and transparent overview over each service. Possible fees involved in some services are collected by the Academy Board in order to be redistributed to different art and charity projects around the world. In some cases, the fees only apply during a limited time period meaning that members can qualify for a refund at the end of a year. The services we offer to our members are intended to support the community.

Individual Profile Page

Individual profile page including label and award cirtificate.

Insitutional Page

Institutional page including SHOP, EVENTS and TICKETING system.


Get access to our eductions and mentoring program.

Advertising Program

Perticipate in our advertising and exchange program.

Purchase Order System

Set up payments and orders processing via the RTNlist.

Guest Service

We take care of all customer service inquiries and loyalty programs.

Localization & Distribution

We support you in making your cultural items available accross different regions.

Take a look at some sample pages:

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